Product Return Policy

Product Return Policy for Cancellation or Termination of Agreement

a) Application for cancellation or termination of the agreement and product return within 10 days from the date of the Agreement

  1. Eckare Malaysia Distributor may notify Eckare Malaysia in writing to cancel or terminate the agreement within 10 days from the date of the signed agreement. Eckare Malaysia will handle the withdrawal and product return due to the cancellation or termination of the agreement in accordance with the Multi-level Marketing Law “Cooling off period”.
  2. In the event Eckare Malaysia Distributors voluntarily cancels the agreement or terminates the agreement within 10 days from the date of joining, Eckare Malaysia will accept the application, and the distributor will be required to return the product within 30 days after the contract is cancelled or terminated. The price paid by the global distributor to purchase the returned product and the payment for the products will be refunded as well. The returned goods will be retrieved by Eckare Malaysia, and the shipping cost for the retrieval of the product shall be deducted.

b) Application for Termination of Agreement and Product Return from after 10 days from the date of the Agreement

  1. After 10 days from the date of the agreement, Eckare Malaysia Distributors can still terminate the agreement in writing at any time and request a product return in accordance with the Multi-Level Marketing Law.
  2. After 10 days termination of the agreement, Eckare Malaysia accepts the application for product return by the Distributor and Eckare Malaysia will buy back the goods held by the Distributors at 90% of the original purchase price of the Distributors.
    When Eckare Malaysia buys back the goods held by the Distributors in accordance with the preceding provisions, it will deduct the bonuses or remunerations paid to the Distributors due to the transaction. If the value of the returned product is impaired, the impaired value may also be deducted. In the event the returned product is taken back by Eckare Malaysia, the shipment cost will be deducted.For Example:
    The following is the calculation for the goods return within six (6) months: –
    (Member Price) – (Commission / bonuses paid to the upline and personal) – (10% administrative charge) = Total Refund by deducting the administrative charge and commission which has been paid previously
  3. The Product Buy Back Policy is not applicable after 180 days from the date of purchase / date of invoice.

c) If an Eckare Malaysia Distributor wants to voluntarily cancel or terminate the agreement, the Distributor should fill in and sign the agreement cancellation confirmation application form, product return application form and other documents in person, and return the complete product. If it is not possible to do so in person, an agent may be entrusted to issue a power of attorney and a letter of termination. Distributors who submit the related documents by post should send them to the recipient address designated by Eckare Malaysia and the postmark date of the receipt will be taken as proof.

d) A Distributor who has cancelled and/or terminated his operating rights shall rejoin only after more than six months from the date of cancellation or termination of the agreement, but Eckare Malaysia reserves the final right in this matter.

e) When returning the product, the gift should be returned together. If the gift has been used or damaged, Eckare Malaysia reserves the right to ask for the return of an amount equivalent to the gift from the Distributor.

Description of Product Impairment Calculation

a) If an Eckare Malaysia Distributor cancels or terminates the agreement, Eckare Malaysia shall refund or repurchase the product, and deduct the impairment of the product value according to the following principles. Once unpacked, the product is deemed to have been used, and the impairment is considered as 100%. Eckare Malaysia will deduct the impaired value of the product, improper storage and any other responsible cause by the user/Eckare Malaysia Distributor, from the original purchase price.

b) Due to the following reasons as a result of negligence by Distributors, Eckare Malaysia will not accept any product returns or exchanges.

  1. The product has been unpacked or used.
  2. Product appearance defects, contamination, poor preservation, incomplete packaging, etc.
  3. Product quality deteriorates due to improper storage.
  4. The product has passed the expiration date.
  5. The information provided is found to be untrue.